• Since 2010, Advanced Caption has been developing cutting edge, cost effective solutions for captioning, transcription and video editing projects. We are now providing our services nationwide, 24/7, with affordable pricing and quick turnarounds.

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  • TRANSCRIPTION SERVICES - Advanced Caption offers affordable and professional transcription services, with reliable turn around times to meet your deadlines. We maintain precision and accuracy through rigorous quality assurance checks.  

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  • LIVE CAPTIONING SERVICES - Live captioning was the initial core business at Advanced Caption.  This is one of the more challenging areas of captioning and one in which we have excelled to create some significant savings for our customers without a decrease in quality.  

    Live Captioning Services
  • Beginning MARCH 30, 2013, live and near-live video programming must be captioned on the Internet if it is shown on TV with captions on or after that date. Visit our Compliance Consulting page to learn about the FCC's ruling and how it impacts your business.

    Accessible Media Compliance Consulting

Cutting edge, cost effective solutions for captioning, transcription, and video editing projects

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